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Section workspace
Detailed guide to help you with all the features of your section workspace.

Provides an excellent resource for new users. Covers navigating on the end-user website, editing privilege, viewing and sharing rights as well as registering, signing in to your website and editing your account settings.

Help Cards

section editor hc
This Help Card shows you how to navigate your section workspace and work with page layouts and apps.


The Help Card shows you how to quickly insert images, links, files, and sound clips.

app hc

This Help Card explains app functionality and shows you how to edit your apps and pages.
imagery hc

This Help Card shows you best practices for working with images including adding borders and links.


This Help Card shows you how to post and share events and manage calendar features.

best practices hc

This Help Card recommends page layouts for each app type.

Video Tutorials


How do I?

When you are in Site Manager you have direct access to help articles, interactive video tutorials, and other additional resources. Just log in at, go to Site Manager, and click on the "How do I?" tab.
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