Anderson School District One

Charge Policy/Meal Prices

August 2015

Charge Policy

We strongly discourage meal charges, but understand that an occasional emergency may make it necessary. Therefore, Anderson School District One’s policy on charged meals states “reasonable charges shall not exceed $11.00 per student or five meals.” Additionally, no lunch charges will be allowed under any circumstances during the last ten days of school and all negative balances must be paid in full. If your child exceeds the allowed charge limit during the school year, they will be given an alternate meal that consists of a sandwich, and a carton of milk. Your child will receive the alternate meal until the charges are paid or an arrangement has been made with the cafeteria. The nutritional services staff will be sending payment reminder letters and/or emails on a regular basis.

It is strongly recommended that parents/guardians make meal payments in advance. However, for student convenience, lunch money is accepted through the lunch line daily. Moreover, deposits may be made with a credit/debit card by setting up an online account for your student at You may view your student’s lunch account and set up an account balance reminder as well. You may contact Nutritional Services at 864-847-7344 for assistance. Unpaid meal balances may be turned over to collections after 30 days.

Meal Prices for 2015-2016