English I/II Honors is a rigorous course for students who meet a qualification process while in 7th grade.  These students take English I/II Honors with the opportunity to earn high school credit, contingent upon their performance in the class and the SC End of Course (EOC) exam in the spring.  English I/II Honors is a course designed as an introduction to world literature.  Topics covered include a deep dive into grammar and composition, novel studies, poetic forms, rhetorical devices, structures of nonfiction, and thematic development of literature throughout history.  The course begins with the classics of Ancient Greece and continues up into modern American literature, with a little bit of everything in-between added for flavor!  To see a listing of the classwork and homework schedule for English I/II Honors, check out the widget below:
5/6/7 AB - English I/II Honors, 2017-2018