Anderson School District One

As of 4/1/15, ASD1 no longer prints pay stubs for employees. You should be logging into the Employee Self Serve website to verify your pay and deductions on a regular basis. However, an actual legal copy of your W-2 is not on ESS. Your W-2 for 2015 will be sent to your school no later than January 29th!

If you have never registered for ESS you must do this first.

  • Click on Register in the top right hand corner
  • You will need the following: District e-mail, SS#, Your Employee ID# (email me if you do not know your Employee ID#)   
  • Be ready to choose your own user name and password (It can be the same as your district log-in/e-mail)
  •  After Registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  You will have to click on the confirmation link with in that e-mail and log-in immediately.
  • Go to "forgot Password" in the upper right hand corner (in black banner) of the sign-in page. 
  • You will receive an e-mail with a temporary password. 
  • Once you are in you will need to change your password back to something you will remember by clicking on your user name in blue in the upper right hand corner.
  • If you are still having any problems logging in please e-mail me
Your check detail (Pay Stub) information can be found under the menu options Home-Tasks, Payroll Actions, then Check Inquiry. Once you click on the Check Inquiry menu option you will see a list of your check.  If the check you are looking for is not in the list you may need to adjust the date range at the top. You can see the detail of each check by clicking anywhere on the line of the check you want to see.  We are aware that the list does not appear to be a link to the detail and have requested this be changed. I am sorry for any confusion. To format your check detail so that it will print correctly, be sure to click on the printer icon in the upper right hand corner of the check detail box. 


 Your Leave Balance can be found under Home-Tasks, Personal Actions, Leave / Time Off Actions, then Leave Balance. Please be aware that under Leave History the dates listed are not the dates you were absent.  This is only the date it was updated to payroll.  We have requested that the software company add a true leave history to ESS with the individual dates absent and we will let you know if this becomes available.


 Under Home-Tasksthen Document Management you can find a W-4 Form and a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.
 You will also find them at the following link on the District website Payroll Forms
 Also under Home-Tasks, Payroll Actions,  Tax Witholdings, then W-4 you can change your W-4 tax withholding electronically. Please note that this change will not take effect until you receive an e-mail confirmation.


Under Home-Tasks, Personal ActionsDemographics you can notify the District Office of an address or name change.  Please note that the change will not take effect until you receive an e-mail confirmation.


Under Home-Tasks, Payroll Actions, then Deduction Inquiry you can find the full name of the deduction codes listed on your pay stub.

As always, feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!