Anderson School District One

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a suitable role model committed to serve as a guide and a friend for a designated student.  Although mentors can fill any number of different roles, all mentors have the same goal in common:  to help students achieve their potential and discover their strengths.

A Mentor Is…                A Mentor is Not…

A Coach                                                 A Savior

An Advisor                                            A Parent

A Reliable Listener                              A Tutor

An Encourager                                     A Bank

An Advocate                                         A Social Worker

                                                                A Mentor to the Family

The greatest gift you have to offer a young person is your genuine interest in their life and your willingness to listen attentively to them.  Each person brings a wide range of life experiences to the mentoring relationship and can be a wonderful source of advice and information.  Be a Mentor Today!

Visit to learn more about being a mentor, to find training dates in your area, and to complete an application!