Anderson School District One

Anderson School District One

Transportation Request Form


*Students K- 3rd grade cannot be released from the bus without proper supervision at the bus stop.  If a student cannot be dropped off, he/she will be returned to the school.  We encourage all parents to provide appropriate supervision in an effort to keep all buses on schedule.


*Transportation is provided to and from the assigned bus stop based on the residential address.  Requests for an alternate bus stop must be submitted in writing for approval by the Transportation Office. 


*Students will only be allowed to load/unload at their designated bus stop.  Prior approval is required from an Administrator and the Transportation Office before a student can be dropped off at any other location.


*Request for special permission to ride another bus other than the assigned bus must be submitted to the School Administrator for approval and given to the Bus Driver at the time of boarding the bus.  Special requests will be approved ONLY if there is space available in accordance with state law.


*The Transportation Office will need up to 5 working days to arrange transportation that requires a new bus stop.  During the first few weeks of school, processing time for new stops could take longer.


*Band instruments, or other items, carried on a school bus must be of such size that they can be transported in the students lap along with the student’s book bag.


*Please refer to the Transportation web page at for School Bus Safety Rules and Regulations.


2016-17 School Bus Registration Online (To register electronically, follow this link)


2016-17 School Bus Registration Form (To register via printed form - follow this link and submit completed form to school)