2016 Wayne Fowler Patriot Award recipient, Mr. Phillip Bramblett


Deadline for any 2017 nomination is Friday, May 4.
Award Purpose and Qualifications
Recipients of this award should meet the following criteria:

Annually, any person age 18 or above during the calendar year of the award, who is involved in any capacity with Powdersville High School. “Involved” means a student, an employee, a parent, a volunteer, a community member or anyone who has contributed to Powdersville High School in a substantial way during the course of the school year. Selection for any other award, including Teacher of the Year, DOES NOT exclude a candidate from receiving this award.

A person who receives this award should demonstrate outstanding dedication and service to Powdersville High School. This person should routinely go above and beyond in their role of helping students or serving the mission of the school. This person should exemplify the qualities of patriotism, selflessness, and commitment.

Please include the nominator’s name, position/connection to PVHS, and the name of the person being nominated.  The length of the essay should be a minimum of ½ typed written, double-spaced page and a maximum of 3 typed written pages. Font size should not be less than 12pt. The current Principal shall be responsible for the advertisement of application dates and deadlines. The principal is NOT excluded from nominating a person. The principal is responsible for GUARANTEEING the nomination of at least TWO people. The Principal or his designee is responsible for the publication of the application process and qualifications to include the desired qualities of the recipient. Publication can be done electronically. ANYONE CAN NOMINATE A PERSON FOR THIS AWARD. THERE SHOULD BE NO CONDITIONS ON WHO CAN NOMINATE; HOWEVER, WHETHER OR NOT THE NOMINEE IS CONSIDERED SHOULD BE BASED ON WHETHER OR NOT THE PERSON MEETS THE CONDITIONS OF ELIGIBILITY. 

Past Recipients include:
Julie Hunter, 2012
Leslie Phillips, 2013
Robert Mustar, 2014
Ken Smith, 2015
Phillip Bramblett, 2016