Anderson School District One

Anderson School District One Maintenance Department
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 99
801 N. Hamilton Street
Williamston, SC  29697 
Physical Address for Warehouse Deliveries
4 Middleton Boulevard
Williamston, SC  29697
 Chris Lesley
 Chris Lesley
Director of Maintenance 

The Maintenance Department of Anderson School District One has an outstanding team of technicians and managers working in unison to maintain and improve our facilities, constantly striving to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the students in our care and for the employees of ASD1. Our staff consists of the following members:
 Mr. Chris Lesley  Director of Maintenance
 Mr. Grant Harrison  Lead HVAC Technician
 Mrs. Melissa McLane  Administrative Coordinator
 Mr. Dustin Antici  HVAC/R Technician
 Mr. Bill Bell  Groundskeeper
 Mr. Bill Bright  Warehouse Manager
 Mr. Barry Cunningham  Lead Electrician
 Mr. Chris Cannon  Groundskeeper 
 Mr. Larry Harris   Electrician
 Mr. Jerry Kelly  Carpenter / General Maintenance
 Mr. Greg Modzel  HVAC/R Technician 
 Mr. Anthony O'Shields   HVAC/R Technician
 Mr. Bruce Simmons  Carpenter / General Maintenance 
 Mr. Billy Smith  Groundskeeper 
 Mr. Chris Talley  HVAC/R Technician   
 Mr. Jackie Turner Mechanic

The Anderson School District One Maintenance Department takes pride in its role as a support service – working to make repairs as efficiently as possible, provide student transportation for educational enhancement and athletics, and provide supplies and materials to our schools in an efficient and cost-effective way – all the while ensuring professional, effective communication with teachers and administrators.  Utilizing teamwork and collaboration, the Maintenance Department strives to provide the highest quality of customer service, doing our part to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the educational process.