Volunteers are valuable and participation is encouraged.  Volunteers are asked to do a variety of jobs from clerical help to instructional assistance, including the role of grade mother in assisting with special holidays.  Volunteers are also needed in the PTO workroom and in the office.  If you want to volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher or the office at 847-5442.

Anderson School District One supports and encourages volunteer activities throughout the school district. Volunteers can promote community involvement in the schools while at the same time providing significant services to students, employees, and school programs by supplementing, and enhancing our educational services.


In a proactive measure to ensure the safety of the students in Anderson District One, SLED and /or sex offender background checks will be conducted on each applicable volunteer.  This applies to volunteers who:

  1. are engaged in direct contact with students and volunteer activities, before, during, or after school hours, without the direct supervision (or in the presence) of district employees.
  2. are volunteers/chaperones that participate in and/or supervise overnight school-related trips.


All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application return the form to their respective school’s volunteer coordinator or principal’s designee.