School Matrix

“Be your BEST! Be your BEST! Then Spearman will be above the rest!”













Be in Control


* Go directly to breakfast or your holding area


* Remain quiet   in your area



* Bus riders stay in line


* Remain in your class until dismissed


* Raise your hand and wait

* Listen and look at others when they are speaking

* Keep your hands and feet to self

* Keep hands by your side


* Stay on the right hand side


* Walk silently

* Walk in

* Wait in line patiently

* Raise your hand for help

* Eat silently when the clock is red

* Talk quietly when the clock is green

* Keep your hands and feet to yourself

* Use equipment the correct way

* Stay outside the entire time *Remain in designated areas

* Return to class quickly


* Use toilets appropriately

*Stay seated and quiet


* Keep your back against the seat and your feet on the floor


*Keep hands and feet to yourself


Encourage Others

* Encourage your ride to be on time.


* Smile and greet others with the “BEST” sign

* Stay with your group


*Set a good example


* Help classmates


* Use kind words

* Smile

* Be a good role model

* Greet others with the “BEST” sign


* Clean up all messes (even others’)

*Set a good example

* Compliment good manners

* Congratulate others when they win


* Include others while you play


* Share

* Set a good example


* Take turns


* Use good manners

* Share your seat

* Say “thank you”

* Be a good role model

*Help each other


Show Respect

* Listen and follow

directions the first time

* Obey all staff members

* Keep hands and feet to yourself

* Keep hands and feet to yourself

* Stay quiet

* Listen to intercom and radio for your name


* Have a good attitude

* Listen

* Ask permission to use things

* Follow directions the first time and promptly

* Pick up trash in hallways


* Walk silently


* Keep hands off walls and students’ work

* Keep hands to self


* Say “thank you”


* Use good manners

* Take turns using equipment


* Use good sportsmanship


* Use kind words

* Respect privacy


* Keep the bathroom clean


*Use toilets appropriately and flush


* Follow directions the first time and promptly


* Pick up any trash


*Have a good attitude


Take Responsibility

*Take care

of your belongings


* Go directly to your class

with teacher

* Listen for your name


*Take all of your stuff home


* Walk with a purpose


* Have all of your materials

* Complete work on time

* Keep your area clean

* Have a “BEST” attitude

* Face the front of your line


* Keep up with your class


* Always have a hall pass when in the hallways

* Get everything in the line

* Stick with your lunch choice

* Clean up your area

* Make sure all trash goes in the trash can

* Tell a teacher when there is a problem

* Always clean up equipment

* Stay out of the building during recess


* Ask for permission at appropriate times

* Use toilets appropriately

* Wash hands

*Report problems


* Take everything that belongs to you


* Be ready to get on and off the bus



-Individually, students can earn Spearman Dollars (tickets) for exhibiting the behaviors on the matrix.  When students earn tickets, they can choose from a various classroom rewards.  As a class, students can earn green tickets (points) when they are displaying the expected behaviors.  When the class earns enough points, they can choose from a list of rewards that the whole class can participate in.