Anderson School District One

Building Program Timeline



On March 18, 2008, Anderson School District One approved $85,750,000 referendum to improve school facilities for our students.


The following is a building program timeline with the construction outline for each school.


Palmetto High - New Field House

Construction Began:                December 1, 2008

            Completed:                              August 2009   


Palmetto High - 6 Classrooms, Weight Room, Cafeteria Expansion, Upgrade Security Systems, Weight Room, Athletic Bleacher – Softball/Baseball

Design Phase:                          December 2008 – September 2009

            Bids:                                        November 2009

            Construction Begins:               January 2010

            Completed:                             August 2010


Wren High - New Field House/Multipurpose Facility to Include Separate Practice Facility for Sports like Wrestling, Cheerleading, ect., and Public Restrooms, Replace Track Adding Lanes to Accommodate 4A Track Meet, Restroom Renovations in Original Building, Pave Additional Parking Areas, Upgrade Security

Bids:                                        December 2008

            Construction Began:                January 2009

            Completed:                              August 2009


Wren Middle - 10 Classrooms, Upgrade Security, Restroom Upgrades, Painting

            Bids:                                                     January 2009

            Construction Began:                            April, 2009

            Renovations Completed:                     August 2009

            Classroom Additions Completed:        December 2009


Palmetto Middle - 10 Classrooms, Upgrade Security Systems, Restroom Upgrades, Painting of Building

            Bids:                                                    February 2009

            Construction Began:                            May 2009

            Renovations Completed:                     August 2009

            Classroom Additions Completed:        December 2009


Concrete Primary - 10 Classrooms, Book Room, Storage Room, Assistant Principal’s Office, Kitchen, Cafeteria Expansion, Upgrade Security System, Upgrade HVAC, front lobby upgrade

            Bids:                                                   May 2009

            Construction Begins:                          June 2009

            Classroom Additions Completed:      April 2010
            Renovations & Kitchen Completed: August 2010

Spearman Elementary - 8 Classrooms, New Cafeteria & Kitchen, New Restrooms for 3rd - 5th Grade Wing, Upgrade Security, Extend Car Lane/Renovations

            Bids:                                        August 2009

            Construction Begins:               September 2009
            Completion of Classrooms:     May 2010
            Renovations:                           December 2010

Palmetto Elementary - 10 Classrooms, Book Room, Work Room, Upgrade Security, Front Lobby Upgrade, Extend Car Lane, Renovated Existing Building

            Bids:                                        September 2009

            Completed:                              August 2010


Powdersville High – Build a New High School for 950 students on 45 acres on Powdersville schools’ site

            Site Bid Package:                     March 2009

            Bid:                                          May or June 2009

            Construction Begins:               July 2009

            Completion Date:                    June 2011


Powdersville Middle – 8 Classrooms, Upgrade Security, new football/soccer practice field

            Bids:                                        October 2009

            Construction Begins:               December 2009

            Completed:                              August 2010


Wren Elementary – 10 Classrooms, Book Room, Storage Room, Assistant Principal’s Office, Cafeteria Expansion, Upgrade Security, Front Lobby Upgrade, Extend Car Lane, New Bus Circle

            Bids:                                        July 2010

            Construction Begins:               September 2010

            Completion Date:                    July 2011


Cedar Grove Elementary – 10 Classrooms, Book Room, Storage Room, Upgrade Security, Front Lobby Upgrade

            Bids:                                        October 2010

            Construction Begins:               December 2010

            Completion Date:                    July 2011


Hunt Meadows Elementary, Powdersville Elementary, West Pelzer Elementary – Upgrade Safety and Security Systems
All projects are on schedule and at present under budget.